SignumJS can be used in any modern browser (should even work with IE10) and NodeJS (Version 12+). As it is also available as bundled Javascript it can be used in pure HTML/CSS/JS applications or even by other Web Application stacks with PHP, .ASP NET, JSP.
The recommended way is to use SignumJS with a package manager. So, you can easily import it in projects build, e.g. React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, NestJS, etc. In most cases it is sufficient to install the @signum/core package, as this offers all you need out of the box.
# Install via NPM
npm i @signumjs/core
# Install via yarn
yarn add @signumjs/core
Good to know: The library is entirely written in Typescript. Using modern tooling, i.e. decent IDEs like VSCode or WebStorm and package manager will give you full support of typing, making development with SignumJS easier and more productive.

Install via <script/>

It's also possible to install SignumJS as a bundle in your web project using the <script/> element. This is most useful in scenarios when you use pure (vanilla) HTML/CSS/JS without any framework, or using it in e.g. in Wordpress or any non-pure-Javascript web applications.
<script src=''></script>